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New device may help migraine suffers without the using drugs

By Kristin Beerman | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A new device could help migraine sufferers get pain relief without using drugs. It's called the Sootheaway and it's a thermo-electrically heated and cooled therapy device that helps relieve pain in the forehead, temples, eyes and sinus region. It uses special pads that continuously circulate either hot or cold water.  It's intended to relieve the pain from a migraine, tension or stress headache, but it could be helpful for other ailments like  post-surgery pain, swelling or sore joints.

"Migraine patients kept telling me that they use ice or they use heat and I know that there wasn't such a good device on the market that would possibly give them the continuous effect that they wanted," said Bahman Guyuron, M.D., and who developed the device.  "And I kept thinking about it and also we needed this for surgery, after cosmetic procedures, we do the same thing."

No prescription is needed to buy Sootheaway, you can get it online, but it's not cheap, it will run you about $300. So you might want to talk to your doctor first to see if he or she thinks it might help in your situation.

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