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HealthWise at 5 From 3.17

  • Smallpox Study On Vaccine Recipients

A new study led by the university of rochester medical center will focus on antibodies in the blood of people who receive the smallpox vaccine. Researchers will look for a specific antibody that targets the vaccine virus. Those antibodies are the body's way of flagging down an invader for other cells to attack.

Study scientists say by creating an antibody supply, they can use it to treat people who have severe side effects to the vaccine, or possibly use the antibodies as a treatment for smallpox.

  • Teen Sex Issues

A survey of nearly 2,000 middle and high school students sheds light on decision points that show spikes in drinking, drug use and sex. The research, conducted by sadd and liberty mutual group, shows that alcohol use increases significantly between sixth and seventh grade. The next important milestone is between eighth and ninth grade when drug use is likely to rise. According to the study, sexual activity greatly increases between tenth and eleventh grade.

More information on this study and factors that can influence teens decisions can be found by ( clicking here ).

  • Computer Technology for the Blind

Computer users who are blind or visually impaired have missed out on maps and other graphical images until now. Engineers from the national institute of standards and technology were inspired by a bed of nails toy and have developed a tactile graphic display. The unit uses about 3600 small pins that can be raised into any graphical pattern found on the internet or in electronic books. The pins lock into place so the surface can be read.

Members of thenational federation of the blind are currently testing the tactile display device. 

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