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TTUHSC not providing answers after lawsuit

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By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - NewsChannel 11 continues looking for answers after allegations of false expense reports against former Texas Tech Health Sciences Center President John Baldwin.    Baldwin resigned September 18th 2009, citing "personal reasons" according to an official statement.

Last week, NewsChannel 11 broke the story that former employee Clare Miers sued the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center for sexual discrimination. Miers claims Baldwin falsified expense reports, which, she claims, led her coworkers to falsely believe she was having an affair with Baldwin.

Miers tells NewsChannel 11 "I am deeply saddened about this whole situation. No one taking a job at Texas Tech University should ever have to face the discrimination that I faced in this modern day and time."

The Health Sciences Center refuses to provide even basic information.  For example, NewsChannel 11 asked for the name of the search firm that is helping to look for a new President.  In an email to NewsChannel 11 the HSC refuses to disclose the name without an open records request, even though we later discovered on the HSC web site it is Academic Search Inc.  The HSC refuses to disclose how much the search for a new President costs.

Official records indicate Baldwin is still on staff as a tenured professor, but the HSC, citing advice of legal counsel, refuses to confirm that information or provide information about Baldwin's current salary without an open records request.  NewsChannel 11 will follow up with an open records request in the coming week.

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Former employee sues TTUHSC, accuses ex-President of false expense claims
A former employee of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center makes serious allegations of wrongdoing by top management, including falsified claims pertaining to expense reports.
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