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Texas Tech releases public records regarding Mike Leach

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Thursday, Texas tech released some, but not all, of the public records that NewsChannel 11 requested the first week of January pertaining to the firing of coach Mike Leach.  Player Adam James and his family accused Leach of mistreating him and Leach denies the allegation.

Among the records we requested were "copies of any and all written complaints about Mike Leach's treatment of players from the time he was hired to the present."  The official response was "after a review of known records, no documents exist which are responsive to your request."  In other words there are absolutely no written complaints about the way Leach treated players during his 10 years as head coach.

NewsChannel 11 also asked for "any and all documentation indicating insubordination by Mike Leach."  Texas Tech says in its response to the open records request, "The documents you requested may be withheld under state law."  The office of Texas Attorney General will make a ruling at a later date as to whether or not those documents are released to NewsChannel 11.

Texas tech claims we already have some of the documents from court records or university news releases.  But here is something truly new about the threats made against Adam James.  A Texas Tech campus police report says that in early January someone posted a message to espnsportsnation.com saying: "I will kill Adam James.  You hear that Craig?  I am going to crush every bone in his fragile little body and throw it in a trash dumpster."

The Texas Tech police report says the issue was referred to the FBI, and it appeared to come from somewhere in New Jersey.

(Click here) to read Texas Tech's response to NewsChannel 11's open records request. Please note, the file is large and may take a few moments to load. You will also need Acrobat to open the file. 

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