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Local elementary school student starts fundraiser for Haiti

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Relief efforts continue across the South Plains for Haiti. Lubbock Cooper West Elementary is preparing for a fundraiser started by one of their students called Hope for Haiti.

The devastating earthquake that destroyed Haiti has been weighing on the minds of people across the nation, but it's really been weighing on the mind of 8-year-old Nathan Holman. "Very, very, very heartbreaking," he said.

"He wanted to know why we couldn't just go down there and bring an 8-year-old boy home. We had to go through the process of explaining that it would be wonderful if we could do that, but we can't just go get them and bring them home. There's a whole process involved in that," said Nathan's mother Heather Holman.

Nathan decided to take a different approach. "He wanted to know what we could do to help and he kept pushing us and bugging us about it. Then we kind of came up with this idea for school," said Heather.

Nathan came up with the idea of a fundraiser called Hope for Haiti. "He got to talk with the rest of the class about what was going on and his plan.  He is bringing in the milk jugs, and we are collecting money. I already have one of my first little girls that brought me a dollar right after he talked about it. She said, I have this dollar from my allowance and I want to donate it to Haiti," said Katy Gooch, Nathan's 2nd grade teacher.

A jug will be placed in every classroom at Cooper West to help with the donations. Hope for Haiti will start February 1st and last throughout the week.  Each day the kids will get to participate in a different activity. For example, one day will be hat day and each kid will pay $1 to wear their hat. 

Hope for Haiti started with Nathan, but now has grown with the help of Cooper West.  He is even getting help across the country. "He's got people saying you know I was going to make a donation but I'll send it to Nathan. So he's got checks coming in from, kind of across the country from family and friends that are getting behind what he's doing," Heather Holeman said.

Nathan seems to have his heart set on a high number for how much money he plans to raise. "More than $18,000," said Nathan. Even if he doesn't reach his goal, his broken heart will heal as he continues to do the best he can for Haiti.

If you would like to help Nathan Holman with Hope for Haiti you can make a donation through Lubbock Cooper West Elementary starting February 1st.

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