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Preventing hypothermia in babies during cold weather

By Jon Bush | email 

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A serious concern in this cold weather is hypothermia. That's where the body just can't produce enough heat to fight the cold and it can be fatal. You'd think you can avoid the problem simply by staying inside. On HealthWise at 5, a pediatric intensive care specialist shared that even when the weather is cold like this, babies can develop hypothermia even inside the house.

Dr. Tiva Kasemsri, M.D. with TTUHSC says, "Remember that hypothermia affects the most vulnerable, the elderly and the youngest. So if you have an infant in a crib that's normally by the window, tonight's not the safest to be there. Move it into the middle of the room in case the window breaks or something occurs."

Dr. Tiva adds on the flipside over-bundling your baby is not safe either. Blankets and excess bedding can lead to suffocation and that has been linked to sudden infant death syndrome. So, dress the baby not the bed.

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