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Snapped trees and scattered limbs send landscape companies into overdrive

By Ann Wyatt Little  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) –  Mother Nature left quite a mess across Lubbock's landscape.

The weight of the ice and snow snapped hundreds of trees and left many limbs scattered on the ground. This winter weather is sending one business into overdrive. The sound of chainsaws rustled through town Thursday.

"Our phones have been ringing off the hook with tress down and limbs breaking people need emergency work," says Joe Hinkle with Cutting Edge Lawn Services who had a feeling this storm was going to cause quite a bit of damage. "The temperatures continued to drop and the ice build up got bigger and bigger and then we got snow on top which added more weight and these trees can only bare so much weight," adds Hinkle.

In Northwest Lubbock a 42-foot 40-year-old tree came crashing down in Mikel Ward's driveway Thursday. "My husband started his pickup and walked inside and then right back out the other door and it had fallen, but I feel extremely lucky it didn't fall on him," says Ward. The other half of her neighbor's tree blocked the street so city crews removed that portion.

Ward checked with her homeowner's insurance agent but tree removal is not covered unless it falls on the house and that is the only way the company can assess damage. She's left footing the almost $1,000 bill to remove what Mother Nature left, so she hopes she can split it with her neighbor.

"We need thawing temperatures to get the ice off the limbs and power lines so we can assess damage and the health of the trees," says Hinkle who knows his crews will work over time and says next week is when the real work begins. "We've got to come back and finish cleaning up and run everything through the chipper and make mulch out of it," adds Hinkle.

City crews will remove trees and limbs that are blocking roadways, but not on your private property. If you have questions you can call 311.

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