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Reaction Continues for Dixie Comments

The Dixie Chicks have experienced a 20% drop in national radio airplay, after the statement made by Natalie Maines at a London concert last week. Natalie told a British crowd quote, "Just so you know, we're ashamed the President is from Texas." That statement triggered a wave of anti-Dixie Chicks sentiment across the country.

Here in Lubbock, a sign on the tailgate of Debbie Hilburn's truck reads: "Natalie, just so you know, we are embarrassed that you're from Texas."

It goes on to say: "God bless President Bush and our troops."

"This is in no way a reflection of the Maines family," said Hilburn. "It's just my way of expressing myself, just like Natalie expressing herself. In my opinion, we need to support our President and stick together as a nation."

A local T-shirt store is also capitalizing on Natalie Maines' comments. The front of a newly displayed t-shirt reads... "Texans against the Dixie Dorks." On the back it says: "Hey Natalie, don't mess with Texas, or George W. for that matter."

If you would like to buy that shirt, you can find it in Campus Design at the South Plains Mall.

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