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Well known Lubbock attorney Floyd Holder dies at the age of 75

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Well-known Lubbock attorney Floyd Holder died at the age of 75.  He was hospitalized for bladder surgery when he had a heart attack. 

Holder was best known for this defense of Texas Tech Health Sciences professor and researcher Dr. Thomas Butler. Butler was convicted on charges related to the mishandling of plague samples.

Holder also defended Timothy Smith in the Roger Scott Dunn mystery murder case. To this day Dunn's body has never been found. At the time of trial Holder half-jokingly said he held down his client and breathed garlic on him and Smith still didn't give up the location of the body so maybe we should consider the idea that he was innocent. Smith was convicted but only sentenced to probation. 

Holder was also the defense attorney in several high profile murder trials, for example double murder suspect Vaughn Ross in 2002.

Holder was also the civil attorney in a case against Texas Tech involving 10,000 blood samples and 150 brains pertaining to Alzheimer's research

"The question was never would Floyd Holder be a worthy opponent for you. The question was, would you be a worthy opponent for Floyd," says former prosecutor and current County Court At Law Judge Rusty Ladd.

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