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HealthWise at 5 From 3.21

  • Sickle Cell Treatment

Sickle cell disease patients normally have only two options for treatment, blood transfusions and pain medications. A University of Illlinois study is indicating that an experimental cancer drug may offer new hope. In sickle cell disease, red blood cellls lose their ability to get oxygen. The drug decitabine turns on a gene that produces enough normal blood cells for patients to have fewer episodes of their disease. The maker of the drug hopes to have it on the market in two to three years.

  • Senior Volunteering

Senior citizens who donate time to volunteer gain some impressive benefits. A Cornell University study claims the seniors gain a heightened sense of psychological and physical well-being. Researchers say volunteering provides needed socialization, a daily or weekly routine, and new or expeanded roles. They explain that donating time to worthy causes gives reirees a sense of purpose, much the same as getting a paycheck feels to younger employees.

  • Match Day

Ready, get set, open. That was the long awaited instruction that came this week to fourth year medical students at Texas Tech. It's an instruction that comes at the same minute for all of them. It's called Match Day and it's a nationwide program in which medical students wating for the cue to tear open the envelope. The paper inside tells graduating medical students where they'll be serving their residencies. That means this envelope holds the city wehre they'll spend the next three to five years with the title, doctor.

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