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Stroke Awareness Stamp

Stroke kills hundreds of thousands of people each year and leaves many more disabled, but the lack of education about stroke is a serious problem. So now, a California man is determined to change this, by creating a stroke awareness postage stamp.

His name is Nick Milivojevich. Nick remembers the day he was brought to this hospital ward three years ago. He had a stroke at work, while he was unloading baggage from airplanes. He suddenly became dizzy. His speech became a bit slurred, and he had numbness in one arm. His coworkers recognized the signs and called 911.

Thanks to quick medical attention followed by some rehab, Nick can walk, use his arm, even drive a car. But his memory and speech are still affected.

"To wash my hair was a struggle at first and soon I could start to do it with the left hand," says Nick Milivojevich, a stroke survivor.

Now, Nick wants people to know the signs of stroke, and avoid risk factors such as smoking. He's trying to create a stroke awareness postage stamp. It would help fund stroke research, and help educate people just as the breast cancer stamp.

So far, Nick has letters of encouragement from two senators, the office of Vice President Dick Cheney, and the mercy stroke association. The U.S. Postal Service says it chooses awareness stamps based on how many letters of public support they receive, so Nick is hoping people like you will write to the postal service, requesting approval for a stroke awareness stamp.

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