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"Shock and Awe" Captivates Lubbockites with Family Overseas

One Lubbock woman was thinking of nothing but the war Friday. Debbie Hillburn's son is a Marine fighting overseas. NewsChannel 11 was there with her as the "Shock and Awe" campaign began.

"It's very difficult. I'm relieved that the bombing has started because I'm hoping that they will surrender before our troops get to Baghdad, because the more they city is the safer it will be for our boys going in, and my son is going to be one of them. So, I'm really nervous. I'm really on the edge right now," said Hillburn.

Hillburn says the news of killed Marines made her sad for the parents and nervous for her own son.

"My heart is totally breaking for those parents and you're just scared to death. You're phones going to ring or your door bell is going to ring and it's going to be yours, and I thank the good Lord it hasn't been, but my heart is breaking for those parents. We're lucky that we've lost six, but that is six too many," said Hillburn.

Debbie's son is an enlisted Marine, but in addition 367 Lubbock reservists have also been deployed. Some are serving overseas, others are spread across the country at various bases. 63 of those soldiers are in the Army Reserve 169 from the Army's National Guard. 133 from the Marine Reserve and one from the Naval Reserve.

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