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'Feelings About War' Coloring Book for Kids

Knowing that our country is at war, even watching it on tv, means our kids are asking questions. If you're having trouble explaining this war on terrorism a nationally known child psychiatrist has something that might help.

Dr. Thomas Haizlip counseled military families during Desert Storm. This time, he's using a new tool to help kids get some understanding about the war without threatening their sense of security. It's a coloring book. "Feelings About War" is an interactive coloring book filled with activities designed to help children understand conflict. "We ask them to draw a proud face a safe face a worried face a sad face a mad face, this give the chance for person who is working with them to explore some of their feelings and deal with that," says Dr. Haizlip.

Dr. Haizlip says he hopes the book will help families find a sense of peace, during frightening times. But he says remember that not all children want to share their feelings. So parents should watch for any behavior changes; like temper tantrums or bed wetting, which could be a sign that a child is disturbed about something. And he says especially with small children, its really important to limit the time they spend watching the news.

If you'd like to check out the "Feelings About War" coloring book, (click here).

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