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Lubbock donates $338,000 for Haitian quake victims

By Ann Wyatt Little - bio | email

Lubbock, TX (KCBD) – Lubbock continues to care for the victims of the January 19th earthquake in Haiti.

The death toll is now over 200,000 and still rising. That is more than the number of people that live inside the Lubbock city limits. There is good news about the local relief efforts. The update paints a picture of Lubbock's generosity.

"Some of that relief is coming from Lubbock, Texas," said Lubbock American State Bank President Tony Whitehead. The need still exists and the Lubbock Cares fund started at ASB with the help of United Supermarkets has enabled three local agencies to give thousands of dollars to Haiti. "To date Lubbock has raised $338,000 for Haiti," said Mayor Tom Martin who adds that the number shows just how much Lubbock is always ready to help.

Each of the three agencies updated the public on what the money is allowing them to do for Haiti. Breedlove CEO David Fish says the non-profit can make a serving of food for $.05 and the recent donations will go a long way."Two-million servings are on the ground today because of these efforts and we have on our schedule three million to follow," said Fish at Friday's announcement. His team has already rearranged processing schedules for the next year in order to keep donations flowing to Haiti.

Bill Curnow says this is the single largest relief effort in one country in the history of the America Red Cross."It's a global effort and money raised here on South Plains put to immediate use in Haiti," said Curnow. He adds that on the ground the Red Cross is purifying a quarter of a million gallons of water each day for volunteers and victims.

The Salvation Army continues to support their crew's efforts on the ground in Haiti. Every penny received goes directly to the country. American State Bank is still accepting donations to the Lubbock Cares Fund. For more information on ways you can donate you can call the City of Lubbock at 311.

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