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Military Families Cling to the News

POW's from the Fort Bliss base hits very close to home for one Lubbock couple, Richard and Ruth Macias. Their son, 37 year-old Albert Macias, is from the Fort Bliss base and is currently in Kuwait.

The Macias' say they are very proud of their son for fighting for this country. Meanwhile, they feel they are held hostage to the television, watching the war unfold.

"Pretty sad, really expecting any moment that something could happen. We never know, all parents in America, never know when, how, or anytime, something could happen -- so we just spend time close to the TV," said Richard Macias, soldier's father.

"It's been kinda sad for me because I feel what the other mothers see. You see them today, but you might not see them tomorrow. That's the way I feel," Ruth Macias said.

Neither of them support the war, but they do support President Bush. They say they are getting by thanks to prayer and each other.

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