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War Veteran Reflects on POW's

War veterans know first hand the fear of becoming a prisoner of war, but they also know that it comes with the price of war. NewsChannel 11 sat down with Gulf War Veteran Denver Blanscett to get his thoughts on what happened on Sunday.

"It's very upsetting to see POW's. They showed a couple of pictures on CNN of the dead soldiers, and I don't know if that should be shown on TV. It's disheartening," says Gulf War Veteran Denver Blanscett.

"We're a humane nation and we follow the Geneva Convention to a tee. As you know, you saw they aren't following any rules of engagement, any rules of humanity, any rules at all, and we just need to finish this thing and get our troops safe and home. My thoughts and prayers are with them, it's just one of them things. It's war, and if we didn't have a dictator over there with weapons of mass destruction, we wouldn't have this problem."

Blanscett was with the Navy for 14 years. Though he wasn't a POW, he knows troops that were. He says it's amazing they lived to tell about it because they were not treated humanely.

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