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"Hands only CPR" can save lives

By Kristin Beerman | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – We all know CPR saves lives, but for the millions who feel uncomfortable about breathing into someone else's mouth there is a new option.  It's called "hands only CPR" and it is supported by the American Heart Association.  Studies have shown that if someone collapses from a heart attack, administering chest compressions, hard and fast are better than nothing at all.  Jim Waters, South Plains Coordinator of EMS, says here's what you can do after you call 911.

"Then return to your victim and start the chest compressions.  Try to expose the chest so you can see where the hand placement should be and the proper placement is between their nipples.  So that's right in the center of the chest, so you'd put the heel of your hand right between the nipples, and that's the center of the chest and the sternum and you would do chest compressions," said Mr. Waters.  "You push down about two inches and you push hard and push fast, the American Heart Association recommends a hundred beats a minute."

Of course, the best thing anyone can do is take a CPR class and learn the traditional mouth to mouth with chest compressions, but if not, the Heart Association says hands only CPR can save lives too.  For more information you can (click here) for an online CPR demonstration.

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