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Anti- War Signs Stolen From Lubbock Yards

It's a sign that says 'War is not the Answer'. A Lubbock chapter called move on Lubbock has passed 50 of them out to many people in Lubbock. They are putting the big blue sign right in their front yard for everyone to see.

Lubbock citizen Sue Barrick got a call on her telephone and on the other end, "...about three people had called to tell me their signs had been stolen and I looked out my kitchen window and mine was gone too," said Sue.

Darrell Vines had the same problem across town. "The sign was delivered and I had it planted right here in my front yard for two weeks. It was here, and now it's gone," said Darrell.

Both Sue and Darrell staked a sign that reads 'War is not the Answer' right in their front yard. "Whoever, and I'm convinced someone came by and picked up all the signs along this street did not have the courage to confront me directly they came on my property and stole my sign," said Darrell.

Darrell says he put the sign in his front yard because it's his visual demonstration against war. He thinks war could have been avoided. "I support what's going on over there. I'm really sad those guys are in danger," said Darrell.

Even after the war started, Darrell almost took the sign down, because a neighbor asked him too. Darrell says he really thought about doing that. But noticed someone had already done the job for him. "Thought maybe the wind blew it away," said Darrell.

However, Sue says she didn't want to take her sign down when the war started. "The reason for keeping a sign up is definitely not to disrespect what is being done in Iraq. "I think for those who believe in peaceful solutions we could know who each other is," Sue said.

Sue has since but up two new signs in her front yard. Sue says she's delivering about five signs around town to other people who had their signs stolen as well.

Sue says there are about 200 people involved in the Lubbock group called, "Move on Lubbock." She says it's a group who have the same feelings about the war.

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