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A Rally of One

Last Saturday over 100,000 people jammed the streets of New York city, protesting the war. 1,200 miles away, with an American flag supported on his hip, Bob Veach became a rally of one.

"I'm out here to show support to the President, our troops, and our country in the midst of these trying times," said Veach. A former member of the Texas State Guard, Veach tried to enlist after the attack on the World Trade Center. "I tried to get in right after September 11th, but that didn't work out. I'm 46, so, that's a little bit over the line," he said.

Also 'over the line,' says Bob, is where the Iraqis have gone with their treatment of American prisoners of wars. "What I heard and what I saw just really made me angry," he said. "If I was young enough I'd be over there with an M-16 in my hands looking for the guys that did it,because there's just no excuse for that," said Veach.

Bob says he intends to be out waving the flag for as long as the war takes, the satisfaction of supporting the troops reward enough, but several people passing by, stop with rewards of their own. "I've been given gifts. I've been given a rose, a beer, 4 or 5 cokes, bottles of water. People just stop to make sure that I'm not dehydrated. Yelling, shouting, very patriotic. It's been very encouraging," he said.

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