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A bounty hunter is behind bars in Hale County charged with murdering an unarmed man

Source: Hale Co. Sheriff Source: Hale Co. Sheriff
Derek Graves (Potter Co. Sheriff) Derek Graves (Potter Co. Sheriff)

PLAINVIEW, TX (KCBD) - A bounty hunter is behind bars in Hale County charged with murdering an unarmed man he was trying to arrest around 8:30 Tuesday night.

Plainview police say 31-year-old Derek Graves from Amarillo died Tuesday night from a gunshot wound.

"I hear a knock at the door. It's a guy dressed casual and I thought he was an undercover cop and he asked me for Derek. I said I don't know a Derek, he must have the wrong apartment," said neighbor Amanda Villarreal.

The two men who drove to Plainview looking for Derek Graves were bounty hunters. Plainview Police Captain Manuel Balderas said "he didn't pay his bond and didn't appear in court, so the bond company was looking for him."

Isabel Villa says her cousin Derek was visiting from Amarillo. "He was standing in the living room and saw he had a badge on. He didn't tell us who he was he just asked who he was and I said my cousin Derek and he asked him to get up," said Villa.

Police say Graves jumped out the back window and took off on foot. "By the time we knew it, we heard an officer in back telling him to get on the floor. I guess he didn't," added Villarreal.

"One guy took the front and another took the rear...when he left out the back window is when Mr. Flaming pursued him," said Captain Balderas.

"I heard 5 to 6 gunshots go off real loud. He's screaming at my neighbor and takes off," said Villarreal.

"I heard 10 shots, I didn't physically see them chase him but I heard it," said Rex Beardsley, the neighbor who called 911.

Officers took both men, who they say work for Big Dog Recovery, into custody. Forty-one year old Jarrod Flaming from Carlsbad, New Mexico was charged with murder.

Captain Balderas was back at the scene Wednesday and says the circumstances surrounding this case are unique because of Flaming's job. "As part of investigation we are checking to see if his license is even valid in Texas to carry a firearm. We aren't authorized to use deadly force like this," said Balderas.

"It's a grim reality. People need to leave the law in the law's hands," said Beardsley.

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