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Caveman lifestyle is becoming a new and trendy diet plan

By Kristin Beerman | email

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – A 72-year-old Utah man credits his strong vitality to a diet and exercise modeled after the lifestyle of cavemen 10,000 years ago. He calls this new or maybe old diet plan, "evolutionary fitness".  Art De Vany is the mind and body behind this new concept and even though it sounds really tough, it's becoming surprisingly trendy in London and New York.

The theory is that we would all be healthier if we lived more like our ancestors did in the stone-age.  As far as exercise, that means instead of long hard runs, De Vany believes in bursts of energy during a moderate workout.

"A few intense episodes, short in duration," said Dr. Wayne Askew, a professor of nutrition at the University of Utah. "It's the rhythm of life, of a wild animal, and we were wild animals then."

Art and his wife Carmela are both 72 and both follow the evolutionary diet, which mean they also try to eat things that existed 10,000 years ago before agriculture and food processing. 

"You notice there are no grains. There's no bread. There are no beans, no rice no potatoes," said Dr. Askew.  "We're only trying to mimic, or emulate, the kind of diet that would have been natural for humans and the premise that he's talking about has some merit."

Dr. Askew says more studies are needed on the long-term effects of this Paleolithic diet.  De Vany believes the diet and exercise routine that was good enough for mankind in the beginning, should be just as healthy for us today.  His evolutionary fitness computer blog already has paid subscribers in 115 countries. 

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