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March Recall Round-Up

Child Car Seats

Before you turn the key in the ignition, you'll want to make sure your children are buckled up. That includes checking the car seat. Graco is recalling 650,000 infant car seats. The "Stand-Alone Snugride" may be missing parts to attach the seat to its base. That means the carrier could detach in a sudden stop or accident. Carriers made in the U.S. between March 2000 through this month are affected. You may request a replacement seat by calling (866) 473-0163 or by ( clicking here ).

Bike Helmets

Now for another defective product that affects your kids. They wear them for protection against falls but now MOSA Sports is recalling more than 1,200 'Five-40' brand bicycle helmets. The helmets failed impact testing required under the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Safety standard. The helmets were sold nationwide from October 1999 through September 2001 for about $25. The 'Five-40' helmets are black, white or red. The name 'Five-40' is printed on the front and back of the helmet. A label inside the helmet reads "990803" along with the model name 'Five-40'. These helmets were made in China.

Consumers should stop using these helmets and return them to the store where purchased or MOSA Sports for a refund or a free replacement helmet. For more information, call MOSA 1-800-804-0211.

Hot Pots

Moving on to a recalled product you may find in your kitchen. Atico International USA is recalling 37,000 electrical hot pots under the Kitchen Gourmet name. The bottom of the pot can separate from the top, and burn the user.

The hot pots are used to heat beverages. They were sold at Walgreens stores nationwide from September 2002 through January 2003 for about $10. The pots are made out of white plastic and have a date code of 0702 on the bottom of the pot and box. Consumers should stop using the pots and return them to the store where purchased for a full refund.

Consumers can also receive a refund by mailing the hot pot to Atico International USA Inc., 501 S. Andrews Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33301. For more information call Atico at 1-800- 645-3867 or ( click here ).

Computer Monitor

Now for a recall that you may stare at everyday. I'm talking about your computer monitor. IBM is recalling 56,000 computer monitors for repair. The monitor's circuit board can overheat and smoke posing a fire hazard. Recalled monitors include the G51 CRT and G51T0 Touch Screen CRT models made from June 1997 through December 1998. The G51 and G51T monitors have the following model numbers on a label on the back of the unit: 6541-02N, 6541-02E, 6541-02S, 6541-QON, 6541-QOE and 6541-QOS.

The IBM logo can be found on the front of the units which were made in China and Malaysia. IBM, Microtouch Systems, Best Buy, CompUSA, Office Max and Radio Shack sold the monitors for about $370.

Consumers should stop using the monitors and call the IBM Repair Center at (866) 644-3155 for a free inspection and repair or replacement. For more information, ( click here ).

Riding Lawn Mowers

Now for some recalls that may affect the handyman in you. Murray Inc. is recalling 270,000 riding lawn tractors. The fuel tank can crack and leak fuel, posing a burn and fire hazard. The recalled lawn tractors were sold under the MURRAYr and STANLEYr brand names and have 38-, 40-, 42-, 46-, and 52-inch cutting decks. The brand name is printed on the front or side of the lawn tractor and the model number can be found on a nameplate under the seat. The following models are included in this recall:

  • 405014X92
  • 405015X92
  • 40508X92
  • 425007X92
  • 42515X92
  • 42516X92
  • 425302X92
  • 425303X92
  • 425614X92
  • 42576X92
  • 465305X92
  • 465603X92
  • 46581X92
  • 425605X692
  • 465606X692
  • 525607X692
  • 405002X8
  • 425003X8
  • 425008X8
  • 425009X8
  • 42544X8
  • 38560X181
  • 42583X6
  • 465616X6 40541
  • 465617
  • 40541X99
  • 425611X99
  • 465612X99
  • 465615X99
  • 465622X99
  • 425003X71
  • 465619X71
  • 465620X71

Retail and hardware stores, including Wal-Mart and Home Depot, sold the lawn tractors nationwide from November 2000 through January 2003 for between $800 and $1,500.Consumers should stop using these lawn tractors immediately and call Murray at 1-800- 876-1634 or ( click here ).

Electric Sanders

Makita USA is recalling 350,000 electric orbit sanders. The pads on the sanders can break apart during use and strike the operator, posing an injury hazard to consumers. The recalled sanders include the BO5000 and BO5001 model numbers, which can be found on the silver nameplate on the sander's body. The sander's housing is blue and the name "Makita" appears in large white letters on the motor housing. Home centers, hardware stores, and industrial suppliers nationwide sold the sanders from April 1992 through February 2003 for between $110 and $125.

Consumers should stop using the recalled sanders immediately and call Makita at 1-800-462-5482.

Children's Toys

The Betesh Group is recalling 11,000 toys after receiving two reports of children gagging on a part that separated from the trinket. The recalled toy is called the "Busy Bug." It's a small plush bug with two springy black antennas with orange round fabric ends. The a ntennas can be chewed or pulled off posing a choking hazard to young children. The bugs were sold at discount department stores between January 2003 for about $7. You can return this toy to the place where purchased or mail it to the Betesh Group at One East 33rd Street New York, New York 10016, Attention: Customer Relations.

For more information, call Betesh at (866) 473-0118.

Children's Books

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled thousands of children's books. The books were made by Random House and sold in sets. The books are actually okay. It's the cardboard box they're sold in that could be dangerous. The CPSC says plastic snaps on the box can detach causing a choking hazard. Book sets made with metal snaps are not part of the recall. The book set titles include "Monsters to Go!," "Disney Princess-Disney The Princess Collection 2," "Disney's Winnie the Pooh-A Very Merry Christmas," and "Barbie-My Barbie Fun Box." Each book set contains four board books inside. They sold for about $10 in stores nationwide and online.

For more information, call Random House at 1-800-805-8534 or ( click here ).

Fondue Pot

Finally, the CPSC is recalling 45,000 fondue pots. The plastic handles attached to the pots can melt and crack, posing burn and fire hazards. The pots were sold in a seventeen piece set at Bed, Bath and Beyond stores. The recalled pots were sold under the brand name "Trudeau" with model numbers 82-384 between August 2001 through July 2002. Consumers should call Trudeau at (877) 659-4844 to receive a replacement pot.

That wraps up this month's Recall Round-up. To see any of these recalls at length, ( click here ). For NewsChannel 11's Consumer Connection, I'm Sharon Maines.

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