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Three sentenced for involvement in Levelland drug ring

By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Three men involved in last July's Levelland Methamphetamine drug bust are now serving their sentences after pleading guilty to possession and conspiracy to distribute Methamphetamine. U.S. District Judge Sam R. Cummings handed out the sentences Friday afternoon to the three defendants.

David Lee Russell, 51, of California will serve 121 months in federal prison. Russell's must also forfeit his 1999 Harley Davidson motorcycle purchased with money from the sale of meth to the government.

Dennis Carl Hegwood, 54, of California received 108 months in prison with an additional three years of supervised release. Both Hegwood and Russell were methamphetamine supply sources in the California area.

Clifford Leroy Clark, 49, of Levelland will serve 140 months and five years of supervised release.

The drug ring leader, Bobby Duwayne Froman, is scheduled to be sentenced February 26th.

As sentencing continues over the next few months, Levelland community members are hoping to put the ordeal behind them. "I don't think it's a black on Levelland. Of course nobody likes to see that going on in a community, but I think once it all gets past sentencing it will all calm down," said Farmer's Insurance Jim Hatchett of Levelland.

"I think it's finally something people are putting behind them. Something they can finally stop talking about because it was such a big negative look for Levelland," said Attitudes Salon manager Juan Partida. "I think once we can get this behind us we can get Levelland back to be a positive city again," he added.

Also, the former Hockley County Sheriff will be going to court. Former Sheriff David Kinney is scheduled for trial on March 22nd to fight to be reinstated as sheriff. Kinney was suspended after two of his deputies, Gordan Bohannon and Jesse Quintanilla, pleaded guilty to involvement in the methamphetamine drug ring.

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