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Viewer Response to Consider This on Lubbock's airport crisis

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Someone at the FAA and LBB need to cowboy up.

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I may sound like a crazy person right now; after hearing the ILS at Preston Smith Airport went down again this morning, I am angry almost beyond words.

If you can imagine a farmer who is so angry he throws his hat down in disgust, I'm that angry with COMPLETE INEPTITUDE of the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, the ENTIRE FAA, the repair crews, and anybody else responsible for the upkeep of the airport that I SPEND MY TAX DOLLARS ON!

This is not a moment to tell me to "fill out my census report" (I'll do that when I receive the form) or go vote (I INTEND TO VOTE OUT THE WEASELS IN OUR WOEFULLY DECREPIT CITY GOVERNMENT THAT I CAN VOTE OUT).  This is a moment I would like to tell those people to "SHUT UP AND FIX IT!  NOW!!!!!"

I understand I can't fire most of the Lubbock City Government; I am so angry about their ineptitude in handling this situation that I wish I could!

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You might quietly check to see if the City Water Department turned on their new SCADA equipment just north of the airport, about the same time as the airport trouble started.  Its located at the new tank on the north end of the runway.
Just a thought...  

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I live in San Antonio and was just checking your web site to inquire if the airport disaster had been fixed. 
I flew to Lubbock for a quick trip for a family gathering on Saturday and expected to return to San Antonio on Sunday.  I knew nothing of the airport troubles prior to my trip.  Long story short, my flights were cancelled Sunday afternoon, Sunday night and Monday morning.  Finally, I got out of Lubbock two flights later just before noon on Monday - only then to deal with weather delays in Dallas. 
The worse part of the whole darn thing is that there was NO INFORMATION given to passengers regarding the airport situation.  Southwest Airlines call center could not even field questions and did not know of the problems in Lubbock.  Then, I tried to rent a car Sunday night to try and make it back to SAT in time for a very important work meeting and no one was renting cars one way!  I was literally held hostage in Lubbock.  Lubbock should be ashamed of themselves for the way this was handled and shame on city and federal officials!   People are far more likely to be understanding if they have access to updated information and this was never done.  I felt really bad for the folks arriving in Lubbock because they had no idea the hell they would face when they were going to attempt to leave.  Hotel Lubbock Texas.

Consider this...Lubbock's airport crisis
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson shares his thoughts on Lubbock's crisis at the airport and where Lubbock leaders went wrong.
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