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Airport ILS back up but not when it's needed most

By James Clark | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – There is still not 100% confidence yet in the ILS or instrument landing system at the Lubbock Airport.  The ILS is used to guide planes in for a landing during bad weather.  The system has been down for most of the previous two weeks. 

Federal Aviation Officials along with Federal Communications Commission officials have been working to find and fix the problem.  The F.A.A. says for now it plans to operate the ILS during visual flight conditions only.  That means it will not be used during fog or other times of low visibility.

The ILS itself is functioning.  But pilots have reported what seems to be interference from an outside source.  That interference could come from power lines, businesses or even trucks going up and down the highway.

The F.A.A. says, "Our team identified a handful of power poles and a sub-station just north of the airport that were emitting intermittent but significant radio frequency energy due to electrical arcing. The power companies who owned those lines spent much of Friday afternoon and evening installing new insulators and other equipment to repair those lines."  

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