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Music Pauses for War

They're called "Something Temporary", and their known to play up beat contemporary music. This band of three guys formed because of a mutual love and respect for music, but the duty to their country comes first, and these guys say that's ok. "We believe in the same things as far as what our music means and why we want to get it out there and this is what its all about," said Kris Mabry, the drummer said.

Something Temporary has been together for about five and half years, but their plans to go on tour, will have to wait as lead singer Brandon Dickson, a Sergeant in the U.S. Army has been called to duty. "They are all very supportive, they gave me a lot of encouragement and made me feel better about the whole thing, they really pumped me up, its nice to have people back here who are looking out for you praying for you and worrying for you it makes me feel even better about it," said lead singer Brandon Dickson.

"It puts us on hold but that's ok, for what he's doing its a just cause so we'll wait," says Bassist, Frank Lyons.

But before he goes to serve his country, Brandon's band will serve the community. On April 5th Something Temporary will hold a charity concert for covenant Children's Hospital. "Just basically trying to bring a little happiness into everybody's life that's basically our whole purpose as musicians just to bring a little ray of sunshine as cheesy as that sounds," Dickson said.

"Music, they say heals it helps curb cancer and that's what we're going to try to get it to do," Sam Flores, the Band Manager said.

The "Music Heals" charity concert is on April 5th, at Covenant Children's Hospital.

Leading up to the concert the band is promoting a toy drive for the kids, you can donate toys at KB toy store, on weekends only, at Kmart super center, both BIG Lots locations, ACE hardware in Levelland and Guitar Central.

All toys will go to the kids at Covenant.

The band decided to do this toy drive and concert as a way to give back to the community where they got their start. Brandon is not sure exactly when he'll be leaving for battle, and as for their tour, they hope to start it next February.

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