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Lubbock County Resident Has Mystery Illness

The Lubbock Health Department says there are still no cases of the mystery illness in Lubbock County, but there could have been if a certain homeowner was in Lubbock now.

Disease investigator for the Lubbock County Health Department, Ken Condon, says a woman who lives in Houston and has a residence in Lubbock has contracted Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS. Her name has not been released, but we know she is undergoing treatment at a Houston hospital.

Condon also says the woman probably became infected while visiting China, but since she has not been in Lubbock since then, he says there continues to be no reason for alarm here at home.

"We currently have no cases that meet the case definition and nothing that would lead anyone to believe that there is any increased risk for transmission of the disease in Lubbock County or in the city," says Ken Condon, Epidemiologist, Lubbock County Health Department.

Condon says you could be at risk of getting the disease if you've travelled internationally, or if you've been in close contact with a SARS patient. So far, more than 450 people worldwide have contracted SARS. 17 have died, although there have been no deaths in the U.S.

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