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Homeowners in Tech Terrace draw the line after party turns violent

By Brittany Pieper  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Residents of the Tech Terrace neighborhood say they've had to put up with large parties thrown by Texas Tech students for years, but Saturday night things escalated when one of those party-goers tried to attack a 62-year-old woman who lived across the street.

In the past month the Tech Terrace Neighborhood Association has met with city officials, the Lubbock police chief, and Texas Tech University to try and get someone to do something about the constant out of control parties they say happen in their neighborhood, but still nothing significant has been done yet.

"They use it as a party house, and it's usually two or three times a week, but last night it was the party of all parties," said Tech Terrace resident, Sherry Grusendorf. 3202 22nd Street is well known among many of the people who live in the area. Neighbors like Grusendorf say most weekend nights cars line the street, and the noise disturbs the families who live near-by. They wake up to beer bottles and vomit in their front yard.

This frustrates many who live nearby, but Saturday night the annoyance turned scary for Grusendorf when she saw a girl laying in her front yard. "I went over to her and just touched her and asked her if she was ok, and it was evident that she was drunk," said Grusendorf. That's when she says another girl came at her with a broken beer bottle. "Grabbed me by the neck and pushed me backward and started trying to kick me. I just kind of rolled up into a ball and started screaming," she said. 

Two boys from the party and a neighbor came to her aid. She didn't suffer any serious injuries, but she and other neighbors plan to take action before anything like that can happen again. "That's the kind of thing we have to stop right now before it does get out of hand. Well, actually, it has. It's over. It's gotten out of hand," said Cyd Seideman. 

They plan to hire a lawyer and look for an opportunity to bring charges against the homeowners. "I'm not taking it anymore, and I shouldn't have to. No one should," said Seideman. 

NewsChannel 11 tried to talk to the students who live in the house, but no one was home.

The residents we spoke with say this is just one of several houses in the neighborhood where these large parties take place.

We asked Lubbock police why the problems continue after several reports. They said cases like this are difficult because they're misdemeanor charges, so in most cases they can't enforce anything unless an officer actually witnesses illegal activity.

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