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Reaction after Tech Terrace Neighborhood Association meets with city officials

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Reaction from a member of the Tech Terrace Unit Neighborhood Association after meeting with city of Lubbock officials. This meeting comes after a 62 year old woman is attacked in her own front yard, by a female "party goer" who had just left a party at 3202 22nd street.

City officials allotted 45 minutes for this meeting, but two hours later they were done, and now some residents of Tech Terrace are feeling encouraged.

Cyd Seideman is the treasurer of the Tech Terrace Unit Neighborhood Association and she says she was appalled to hear Saturday night that her neighbor, Sherry Grusendorf was attacked by a college aged female with a broken beer bottle.

"Everybody knows that the line was crossed that we do have a new level of problem," said Seideman.

But this isn't the first time the neighborhood association has complained to city officials about the disruptions of constant partying.

In January they met to discuss "Tour de Tech Terrace", a bike rally through the neighborhood that involves heavy drinking.

"We had advanced a fear that this was the next level of problems that we would be dealing with, not just the frustration and the disruption, but the actual potential violence that might occur or something serious and 5 weeks later there we were," said Seideman.

But Seideman says she never truly felt the concerns were being heard, until after Wednesday's meeting. The group met with the mayor, the chief of police, the city manager, the city attorney, and others.

Seideman says she felt relieved after City Attorney Sam Medina made the group a promise.

"He will make sure that if tickets are issued, if citations are issued, if there are legal remedies to be pursued he will pursue them and let them just go away," said Seideman.

A resident at 3202 22nd Street was issued a citation for disorderly conduct, which could mean up to a $500 fine, and Seideman also told officials that enforcing one city ordinance could help curb these disruptive parties.

"We think it starts and stopped more than two more unrelated people in a house in this neighborhood," said Seideman.

Seideman says just a little enforcement will help bring this neighborhood one step closer to peace.

"Our goal is to really, truly make it not so much fun to live in Tech Terrace, make it more of an honor to live here," said Seideman.

Seideman also says she plans on presenting a plan of action at the next neighborhood meeting. She wants to start a legal fund, so if there is any more problems, their lawyer can get involved.

Assault victim Sherry Grusendorf tells us Attorney Kevin Glasheen has filed a civil lawsuit, on her behalf, against the homeowners of 3202 22nd Street.

Mayor Tom Martin tells us it was very important to meet with the group Wednesday morning.

He also says with City Attorney Sam Medina on board, we expect there will be vigorous prosecution of the code violations in municipal court.

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