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Tech Terrace attack victim files civil suit

By Katie Bauer  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) -  On Saturday Sherry Grusendorf was attacked in her own front yard, by a party goer who was at the home of 3202 22nd Street.  Now she says she has had enough, and has filed a lawsuit to prove it.

"This was the only way we were going to get anyone's attention and for me it's a hard decision, I've never been involved in a lawsuit before," said Grusendorf.

On Wednesday Grusendorf filed a civil lawsuit against the homeowners of 3202 22nd Street.

According to the lawsuit, Holden Jacoby lives in the house, owned by him and his parents Jason and Kelli Jacoby.

"From this day forward, we don't want any out of hand parties," said Grusendorf.

The lawsuit alleges that Jacoby throws loud parties at least twice a week, where guests litter, vomit, and urinate on neighboring properties.

"We don't want parties stopped, we just don't want 150 people at one party and running rampant over the neighborhood and scaring everybody out of their wits," said Grusendorf.

The lawsuit also states these events have terrorized Grusendorf and the rest of the neighborhood to the point where children are not allowed outside after Jacoby's guests begin to arrive.

"We want the beer bottle throwing stopped, we want the cursing stopped, we want the loud noise stopped, we want the parties on the roof stopped," said Grusendorf.

In the lawsuit it mentions it is common for Jacoby and his guests to go out on his roof, in some instances looking into their neighbors' windows.

Grusendorf says she wants the city ordinances and laws to be followed, especially the one that states no more than two unrelated people can live in the same home.

"It was a family neighborhood and we want our neighborhood back," said Grusendorf.

Grusendorf is seeking damages and a jury trial, but she says it's not about the money she just wants her neighborhood to be peaceful again.

Phone calls and emails to the Jacoby family were not returned.

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