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Help the Troops by Helping Their Families at Home

The U.S. Military says keep sending your thoughts and prayers to the troops, but hold the packages. While they appreciate those gestures of goodwill, there is now a backlog of packages they can't deliver because of the war. Only immediate family and organizations like the Red Cross are asked to continue sending packages.

So, instead of sending more things to the troops, the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office is encouraging businesses and individuals to adopt a military family. They propose sending letters, cards, flowers and gifts for children to families who have family members off fighting the war. A way to show your support without sending things overseas.

"They're just having a hard time trying to deliver everything. So, we thought, well, if we can't support our troops that way, how can we support them? And we came up with this idea where we will support the family. We'll support our community right here. Right in Lubbock, TX," said Georgia Lucero with the Lubbock Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office is going to adopt families within its own organization and then branch out. If you'd like to help support military families who are perhaps emotionally drained.. You can contact Georgia Lucero at the Sheriff's Office at (806) 775-1465.

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