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Supporting Each Other Through War

"Don't get scared or think that I'm going to get hurt," said Sandra Parsons, her voice cracking as she read a letter from her 18-year-old son waging war in Iraq.

Loss of composure was a familiar sight as mothers, wives, and daughters of men at war gathered to support each other at Trinity Church. "I've had several, several calls this week from mothers and wives of military family members that were crying and need somebody just to talk to," said Sarah Rodriguez, organizer of 'Military Family Connection,' a weekly support group.

"You're glued to the TV," said Angela Whorton. She's one of those wives. Her husband, Stacy, is a Marine, stationed on the front lines. Assigned to making sure his men are supplied with the three B's. "The three B's; beans, bandages, and bullets," she said.

Her husband in harm's way, Angela's normal routine is no longer normal. "In fact, I don't have a normal routine. I don't sleep at night because that seems to be when all the action happens with our guys," she said.

She's heard from Stacy just once since the war began. A letter bearing bad news. Their commanding officer bracing the men for a chilly homecoming. "He was saying that they were being told that it is going to be like Vietnam when they come home. That they are not going to be treated with respect and to be prepared," she said.

The masses of protestors preaching support for the troops but not for the war, ringing false to the ears of military families. "Them protestors, I'd like to know one that has a family member there, 'cause that's the last thing you'd be doing," she said sternly.

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