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Military Families Join Together

As more soldiers deploy, more families sit back and wait for their loved ones to come home. Waiting for that phone call that says they're okay, or that letter in the mail for reassurance, watching the news for the latest every chance they get.

One local military mom started a support group, after September 11th, for families of the military. The idea is to give people a chance to lean on others that truly understand what they're going through.

"We have a motto that says: 'As one you are weak, but together we are strong,' so if there's more than one person you can get more done, and we want to show the community that we support our troops," said Etta Love, founder of M.O.M.

This group is bonded by their relatives, they rely on the news, and lean on each other.

"When you come to these groups and one of the relatives has heard from their loved ones and tells you, well, you know your son says he's okay, don't worry, and that's what happened here. I hadn't heard from my son, but one of the other wives heard from her husband who is with my son and my son said tell my mom 'I'm okay,'" said Debbie Ruedo, military mom.

"It's a difficult time when you're separated from family or this group that's supporting from all different angles, and to have this comforting group to help you through times and that lets you know of different things you can do, and people you can rely on, is very rewarding, and I'm glad this organization is together," said Suzanne Mino-Sanchez, a military wife.

Online, this group has a membership of more than 700 people across the United States and Europe, here at home the numbers keep growing.

"I'd like everybody that has a family member serving to know we're here and we're here for them, and no one ever needs to be alone again," said Love.

If you are a family member of someone in the military and would like more information on Mothers of the Military, you can (click here) or call (806) 788-5533.

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