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Lawyers of a Tech Terrace alleged "party house" respond to lawsuit

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Just over a week ago a party was held at the home of 3202 22nd Street. That night 62-year-old Sherry Grusendorf, who lives across the street, was assaulted.

On Friday, Lubbock Police arrested 19-year-old Bailee Barrett in her Texas Tech dorm for the assault of Grusendorf. She was booked and released from the Lubbock County Jail.

Meanwhile Grusendorf is suing Jason, Kelli, and Holden Jacoby, the homeowners of 3202 22nd Street, and now the Jacoby's attorneys want to address the lawsuit. Ted Liggett, the attorney well known for representing former Texas Tech football coach Mike Leach is now involved in the case.

Last week we talked to Grusendorf about the civil lawsuit she has filed and now we get to hear the other side of the story for the first time. "If it's not a frivolous lawsuit, it's close to it," said Liggett.

Liggett and Chris Ritter are representing Jason, Kelli, and Holden Jacoby. Holden lives in the home of 3202 22nd Street, while attending Texas Tech. The Jacobys have owned the home for 18 months.

"What we want to bring to everybody's attention is that we need to take a deep breath and wait for the facts to come out," said Liggett.

Liggett says he wants to make it very clear that his clients do not know Bailee Barrett, the 19-year-old charged with the assault of Grusendorf. "She wasn't invited to the party nor has she been at the party, she simply we think went to the party to pick up a friend," said Liggett.

"The Jacboys have been sued for the alleged actions of Bailee Barrett and we just think that's wrong," said Ritter. The lawyers also state that the assault did not occur on the Jacoby's property nor did it occur on Grusendorf's property, but say it was near Barrett's car. Despite Grusendorf saying the assault happened in her front yard.

"Right now we know of five to validate the Jacobys contention that they believe that this was a lawsuit that was brought as a last resort as Ms. Grusendorf has said," said Liggett.

Last week, Grusendorf talked with NewsChannel 11 about why she is suing the Jacobys, not only for the party she says led to the attack, but for many others.

The lawsuit alleges Holden throws loud parties at least twice a week, where guests litter, vomit, and urinate on neighboring properties. "The lawsuit is full of conclusory statements which aren't backed up by affidavit testimony or any witness testimony and it really has nothing to do with the events surrounding the charges," said Liggett.

Grusendorf says she filed to lawsuit because she believed it was the only way to get anyone's attention. "We think that the Jacobys were simply just caught in the middle of this political situation," said Liggett.

Grusendorf is seeking damages and a jury trial.

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