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Bomb Threat Gets Slaton High School Attention

Terrorists and war are reasons why our country is on high alert, and Monday, Slaton High School, students, faculty, and administrators were put to the test in a real life event. A threat that forced the evacuation of hundreds of faculty and students.

Slaton High School principal Chris Kennedy says their district has a crisis management plan in place and Monday, it worked. "It's something that's discussed with our teachers, administrators on as it is our job to make sure we're all on the same page and that we're prepared for it," Kennedy said.

Slaton police chief Jeff Creager called in the Lubbock County bomb tactical unit, including the bomb sniffing dog. Around 10 Sunday, Slaton police got a call saying there was a bomb inside the school. Authorities checked it out for hours Sunday night.

On Monday, "We listened to the tape a second time this (Monday) morning. We did find out some additional information that it warranted the fact we needed to search a second time thoroughly," said Kennedy.

So around 11:30 a.m., students were shuffled out to a building on the west side. Kennedy says it took five minutes to get everyone out of the school to a place more than 300 feet away from the threatened area. Kennedy says that's the requirement for their crisis management plan.

Chief Creager says it's fortunate nothing happened. But regardless, an act that won't go ignored. "I'm going to try to find out who made the call," said Creager.

Students did return back to school one hour later. Turns out, police say they didn't find evidence of a bomb inside this school.

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