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Developing North Lubbock

The new Heart Hospital will be right in the heart of the North Loop Development Plan. For years Lubbock has grown south and southwest, but there's a new master plan in the works to grow Lubbock, north.

This plan includes about one thousand acres of land. With business commercial and medical growth, it also includes single and multi family houses, hotels and entertainment. All in an effort to grow Lubbock in a new direction.

Four developers have big plans for North Lubbock. "Our plan is to provide lot of the commercial land for shopping, for movie theaters, for local retail kind of a mall type of development to serve this whole north Loop area, we're right on the loop and Slide Road should come through our property when they build that fly over so it's a natural location for that type of development to support the rest of the residential," said Kevin Glasheen, North Park Center Developer.

Glasheen is talking about North Park Center, which will also include a 280 unit apartment complex. "The North Quaker development will be an effort to bring in more business to the North Quaker area, more commercial and more medical business, they'll be a medical and commercial entities there and we'll all be involved with the four North Quaker Development Project," said David Taliaferro, with the North Quaker Development.

The North Quaker Development project is still in the planning phase but right on track, and includes new hotels. The NorthStar plan includes a full scale medical center, with pharmacies, imaging, physical therapy and a surgical outpatient center that's already on site.

"The NorthStar professional center is about a 60 acre development, we currently have 75,000 square feet of medical related facilities either under construction or completed, over the next couple of months we'll have another 175,000 square feet of medical related facilities underway," said Randy Egenbacher, NorthStar Developer.

North Pointe is the fourth plan and it includes, single and multi family housing and a new school.

This entire project will be in the Lubbock Independent School District, they expect it'll bring around $500 to $800 million to their tax base.

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