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Study shows women may keep off the pounds by drinking wine


By Kristin Beerman | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – It's normal to gain a little weight as people age, but how is it some women never gain much at all?  One new theory from Brigham and Women's Hospital is that older slender women regularly include a little alcohol in their diet.

"Women who consume light to moderate amount of alcohol actually experienced a smaller weight gain," said Dr. Lu Wang, with Brigham and Women's Hospital.

The study at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston followed nearly 20,000 healthy, middle aged and older women. They found some weight gain was typical over the 13 year study period, but the study showed that the women who started with a normal weight were less likely to gain extra pounds if they drank light to moderate amounts of alcohol.  This meant no more than a couple of servings of wine or even beer each day, but the association was strongest with wine, which was somewhat among the white wine drinkers, but the link was the most noticeable among those women who regularly drank small amounts of red wine.

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