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Consider This...It was much more than a foul


LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Last week's incident between 6'8" Baylor player Brittany Griner and Lady Raider Jordan Barncastle quickly became the buzz of the town, the national sports scene and arguably the biggest story in the Big 12 Conference this year.

In case you missed it, plenty of cameras were there to catch Griner punching Barncastle after a court altercation. That roundhouse shot broke Barncastle's nose and put her out indefinitely. Griner, on the other hand, was suspended for two games and will be back in time for tournament play.

So does the punishment fit the crime? Few would argue. Had she not been the start freshman phenomenon, Griner would be suspended for the rest of the season or even kicked off the team.

But consider this: This was a clear case of a bully sucker punching another player. That rarely happens in college athletics and is much more than a foul. It could even be considered assault. That would be a police matter. Unfortunately, the slap on the wrist she got, for the punch in the face she gave, sends a bad message to any young athlete. If you are a star player, you don't have to play by the same rules as everyone else.

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