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First Alert Super Doppler HD3

In 1983 NewsChannel 11 introduced the South Plains to LIVE Doppler Radar. WOW, what a change this made in Severe Weather coverage. We upgraded that unit to provide street level mapping, and full color display in the mid 90's and changed the name to Super Doppler. Both advancements helped us bring Severe weather coverage to a new level of information delivery, for you to use to keep your family safe and informed of severe weather activity on the South Plains.

April 1, 2003 - NewsChannel 11 launched the most advanced Doppler Radar Technology bringing once again a new level to severe weather coverage. NewsChannel 11's First Alert Super Doppler HD was unveiled and demonstrated to show the truly remarkable advances in Functionality, Power, Display and PinPoint Precision.

What are the talking points you may ask?

Why should you care?

  • We can pinpoint and track a storms past movement, present position and future path.
  • Clear concise easy to use information will be delivered to you
  • John Robison has full control to cover storms like you've never seen before
  • Speed of information delivery could save a life by delivering proper information at the proper time
  • We want the most accurate information and what better way to deliver that than John Robison using the best technology available.

What does HD mean?

  • Highly Digital
  • HiTech Display
  • High-speed Data
  • High Density
  • High Definition ready

Why is this Doppler better than any other?

  • Super Doppler HD is the only LIVE Doppler to see every Square Block of Lubbock.
  • Super Doppler HD is the only local doppler that is solid state digital technology from start to finish. Digital through all processing phases.
  • John Robison has full control to Smooth Zoom on the fly, Street Level Zoom, and Label or High light Street or areas
  • Super Doppler HD can Storm Track multiple storms at the same time
  • Super Doppler HD is the only local doppler that can Storm Track the entire storms future path
  • It is easy to understand
  • Multiple color level Displays to show you the intensity of Storms.
  • Fully Interactive
  • Rapid Response to storm activity - the fastest doppler on the South Plains in Data collection

NewsChannel 11's goal is to at all times give you the best information in as easy to understand fashion so you can use the information to protect your family in times of potential danger.

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