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The Handy Chef: Does It Work?


LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Handy Chef 6 In 1 Kitchen Utensil is the multipurpose tool that is supposed to make it easy to grab, serve, whisk or turn over any shape food. We made breakfast to answer the question: "Does It Work?"

First, we took a moment to figure out how the thing operated. It looked like a set of wire tongs but one side rotates to help the Handy Chef adapt to its different function. It also has a little switch you push forward to lock the utensil in a close position. When you want to whisk, you rotate the side so the angled tong sides, turn in toward each other, and lock it into place. Keep it in the same position for the tongs, just unlock it.

To grab with the Handy Chef, turn the moveable side so the two sides angle the same way. Lock the Handy Chef and you have an instant spatula. We needed the grabber for our first test: boiling some eggs. We really liked how it held on to eggs. The wires really surrounded the egg and there is no chance of it getting loose. You can drop it gently into the water and retrieve it with ease.

Next, we prepared some French toast. We used the Handy Chef's whisking ability to mix the egg and milk. It worked well as a whisk. We could also grab the bread with the Handy Chef to dip the mixture and place it in the pan.

The "grabber position" worked well to flip the toast and pull it out of the pan. Success! We also fried an egg over easy. The spatula setting worked well to flip the egg over.

When we were done we had grabbed the eggs, whisked the mixture, dipped the toast, grabbed it too and flipped our fried egg, all with one utensil.

"Does It Work?" We give the Handy Chef a "yes."

We have only two reservations about the Handy Chef. Durability is an issue because the handle is made of plastic. And, if you use nonstick cookware, you'll want to use care because the Handy Chef's metal wire will scratch it.

We paid $4.99 for the Handy Chef and you get two in a box. We bought it at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It's also available online from several retailers.

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