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The Shark Vacuum: Does It Work?

It's a product called the Shark Turbo Hand Vacuum. The makers claim their product has the same powerful suction as a full size vac but only weighs just over two pounds. The shark comes with two attachments and a hose, all for $30.

Now for the test. First I'll clean a computer keyboard which has all sorts of crumbs in it. So far, the power of the Shark worked pretty well. The neat thing is, it's a bagless vacuum so all you have to do is tap the filter clean.

Next, we see how well it cleans inside a very dirty car. Dirt just lines the floor board and dog hair is woven into the carpet as well. I have a dog who sheds constantly. After a few minutes, the attachment popped off and off again.

That part of the test was frustrating. However, the results of the vacuum were amazing enough I didn't care about the attachment.

Now the car is cleaned up and I must empty the dirt container. And I'm telling you, the filter was covered with dog hair, dust, and other stuff I couldn't recognize! A few taps, the filter was clean again.

The final test will show how powerful the little hand-held really is. I placed a handful of metal nuts on the table, and turned the shark lose. The Shark sucked up all of the nuts!

Hands down, this Shark hand-held is more than a handful! It works!

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