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Vaccination Guidelines Monitored by Lubbock Health Department

Since the Smallpox vaccinations began in the U.S. a month ago, three people have suffered fatal heart attacks and another 17 have reported heart problems after the shot. Here in Lubbock, there have been no reports of chest pain or other heart trouble after a Smallpox immunization, but the suggestion that there may be a link put a stop to the shots for a while, until the Centers for Disease Control could develop new screening guidelines.

"We suspended the operations at the clinic for a single day. We will resume the responders screening on Friday with the new screening guidelines," says Ken Condon, Lubbock Health Department.

Condon says that the new guidelines for a Smallpox vaccine include a number of new restrictions that will likely keep you from baring your arm if you have some underlying heart condition. In addition, the Lubbock Health Department says that it is monitoring all those who have already received the shot to watch for any heart related concerns.

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