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Depositions continue in Mike Leach lawsuit


By Ann Wyatt Little  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – What was supposed to be a routine day of depositions erupted into a war of words between Mike Leach's lawyers and Texas Tech University.

The former coach was fired December 30th amid allegations of mistreatment of player Adam James. Depositions of key players this week move the lawsuit closer to trial. The focus shifted from the closed door question and answer session to videos released by the university this week of post-game locker room speeches made by Leach.

Texas Tech lawyers asked Leach questions for almost seven hours on Friday. "It's great to be back in Lubbock. We've had ten incredible years here and had a really good day today. What can I say it's been ten years," says Leach fighting back tears.

Focused on depositions, Leach's team responded to the release of videos, now viral on the Internet, of locker room speeches. "We submit that that's no coincidence. Texas Tech knows the deposition of Chancellor Hance and Ms. Bingham's went poorly for them. Therefore they are trying to smear Mike with videos that are quite frankly irrelevant and have nothing to do with the wrongful suspension termination," says Paul Dobrowski who represents Leach.

Dicky Grigg, who represents the university, says the school was simply following the law. "Numerous open records requests were made and we had no option but to release them under the law. As far as the videos they are totally irrelevant to the case," adds Grigg.

Dobrowski who questioned Chancellor Hance Thursday spoke confidently about the depositions. "Chancellor Hance and Ms. Bingham confirmed they were aware Adam James was never locked anywhere. They also confirmed and the documents confirmed that Craig James who wanted Mike Leach terminated," adds Dobrowski.

"Texas Tech is very pleased with the depositions that have been taken so far in this case. It was clear from Mike Leach's deposition taken today (Friday) that he was out to punish a student athlete who had a brain concussion. Leach admitted under oath that he's never treated another student with a brain concussion in the manner he treated this young man," adds Grigg.

Leach's attorneys will question Adam James and his father, ESPN analyst Craig James, on Saturday.

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