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Good Samaritan speaks out after being shot at multiple times

By Katie Bauer  - bio | email

LORENZO, TX (KCBD) -  A Lorenzo man says he is just happy to be alive.  The Lubbock County Sheriff's Office says 39-year-old Oran Starkey fired multiple shots at 27-year-old Matthew Cisneros Friday afternoon, but the victim says he was just trying to help a stranded motorist.

Cisneros says he is still in shock this whole thing happened, he never dreamed that asking a man if he needed help, would end in his attempted murder.

On Friday afternoon, Cisneros was driving from Lorenzo to Lubbock when he noticed a car stopped on the side of Highway 62/82. "I came back and he was still there so I decided I would stop and help," said Cisneros.

As any Good Samaritan would do, Cisneros asked the man if he needed help, but 39-year-old Oran Starkey appeared to be talking to someone else in the car. "I didn't see anybody, so I just assumed he was a little off," said Cisneros.

Cisneros headed back to his car to take off, but Starkey called out to him. "I turned around to go to the car, and he well hold on, why don't you go wait in the car, let me make a phone call and I'll get you to give me a ride somewhere, and I was like ok, no problem," said Cisneros.

Cisneros was sitting in his car when the unthinkable happened. "He turned around, reached in his car, pulled out two handguns pointed them at me and started shooting. The first shot went off and it came through the windshield and I felt it go over my shoulder, and I ducked over to the other side and right when I ducked over to the passenger side over my shifter, I felt that second bullet go over my head," said Cisneros.

Cisneros says he then threw his car in reverse and tried to get away. He pulled into the apple orchard's parking lot, where he called 911.

Starkey stayed by his car, until an Idalou Police Officer took him into custody. According to the Idalou Police report, a suicide note was later found in Starkey's car.

"I'm just glad to be here," said Cisneros. And without a scratch on him.

Cisneros's car is now evidence of a near death experience. The Lubbock County Sheriff's Office says eight shell casings where found at the scene. "You look at my car, and it's a miracle God was looking after me," said Cisneros.

But not even this traumatic incident can stop this Good Samartian from offering help to a stranded motorist again. "I probably will, just me being who I am, but I'll probably just be a little more cautious next time, I guess," said Cisneros.

Cisneros is married and the father of five children, and says one Friday afternoon one of his daughters almost took that trip with him. The family says they are so relieved he is alive.

Starkey remains in the Lubbock County Jail for attempted murder.

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