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Group works to bring Google experiment to Lubbock


By Ben Lawson  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A group at Texas Tech University is working to bring a super fast Internet connection to Lubbock.  Members of Tech's Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization (CEO) have spearheaded the effort. Their goal is for Google to chose Lubbock for an experiment to make the Internet faster and better.

"Today we're announcing our plans to build and test ultra high-speed, broadband networks in the United States," Google Infrastructure Product Manager James Kelly announced on Google's Web Site.

The same day Google made that announcement, a guest speaker shared the news with Mehdi Alavi and Alexis Campestre in their Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization meeting at Texas Tech.  'We saw that as an excellent opportunity for CEO and Tech and the Lubbock community as a whole to make itself more present in Texas and the nation as a whole," Campestre said. 

Google plans to launch an experiment in one or more trial locations to make the Internet better and faster for everyone. "In selected locations, we'll offer Internet connections up to 100 times faster than many Americans have access to today," Kelly explained. 

Alavi and Campestre set out to create a comprehensive report to generate interest. "The more and more information we compiled, the more and more we realized what a great opportunity this was and really just how perfect Lubbock would be for this," Alavi said. 

Alavi says Lubbock's geography is a plus for fiber networks. "It's flat; there's not a lot of natural obstacles, not a lot of forest," Alavi said.  He says Hub City universities would also benefit Google's experiment.

Lubbock is not alone in this quest, though. Several cities across the U.S. are also trying to grab Google's attention. The mayor of Topeka, Kansas proclaimed the city will be known as Google, Kansas for the month of March.

Not to be out done, Duluth, Minnesota pledged to name their community's first born Google and Googlette Fiber.  Joking of course, it shows just how competitive communities are when it comes to the Google experiment.

"If Google is willing to bring that to Lubbock and Texas Tech at no cost to the city or Texas Tech, it would be foolish of us not to get behind it," Campestre said. 

Supporters created a Facebook page to generate interest.  "What that's going to take is more and more people coming out and saying they want this," Alavi said. 

Supporters have approached the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce to assist in their efforts, and they're hoping to get support from the mayor and city council as well.  There is a deadline of March 26th to send in a proposal to Google.

(Click Here) to visit Lubbock, TX wants Google Fiber! on Facebook.

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