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Vintage Township home deemed a complete loss after Monday morning fire

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A new two story home is now a total loss after a fire Monday morning. This fire is also the first time the newly built Vintage Township neighborhood has had a problem like this.

It took firefighters two hours to contain the fire at 4707 116th Street. Luckily no one was home. Fire Marshall's say lightening struck the roof, causing flames to break out, but weather wasn't the only problem.

"Because of the close proximity, we paid particularly close attention to make sure that we don't catch another house on fire when we had the fire break through the roof like it did this morning," says Lubbock Fire Department Deputy Chief of Operations Chris Angerer.

Firefighters sprayed neighboring homes to stop the fire from spreading, not uncommon for firefighters to do. Vintage Township also says the proximity of the homes are similar to most neighborhoods, but getting to the flames was another issue.

The Vintage Township website prides themselves on having more narrow roads, to slow down traffic making it safer for pedestrians. But firefighters has a hard time getting a ladder truck to the scene.

"We really needed it initially to try to affect ventilation. We could not get down this particular street here because cars parked in the street caused us a problem with trying to get in here," says Angerer.

The City Planning Department says the Lubbock Fire Department and developers met extensively to discuss the narrow road issues before building the homes. To alleviate the problems, the planning department says several spots were designed specifically for fire truck access in the alleyways.

Although it was the weather that sparked the fire, firefighters say the rain turned out to be a good thing after all.

"We're just lucky today we had the rain helping us out a little bit. Any embers or sparks that had started flying once that fire comes through the roof that's a definite hazard and rain really helped us with that today," says Angerer.

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