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Lubbock man comes home to find the majority of his roof missing

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - When Ben Moss came home from work on Saturday night, he was shocked to see 3/4 of his roof was destroyed.

"I never talked to anyone about getting a roof done, not at all," said Moss.

He says his roof was perfectly fine, but now parts were missing, even hanging off. He filed a police report that night.

Still confused, he then started talking to neighbors. One told Moss, a roofing crew was spotted up there Friday before noon.

But then he heard an interesting story.

"My next door neighbors were outside and I asked them and they said that other house got a roof on it that same day," said Moss.

The other house, meaning 1908 77th Place, but Moss lives at 1908 77th Street, just a street over.

He found out which roofing company that home used and gave them a call, but they said they were working on 77th Place on Saturday, not on Friday, and that they were never anywhere near his house.

"I mean I don't know whether they did it or not, it's just interesting," said Moss.

And water was seeping into virtually every room, but luckily, Moss' insurance will cover the roof and damages, because it's considered vandalism.

Now Moss says he just wants to find out who did this.

"I never would have imagined, it's not something you ever think of," said Moss.

KCBD contacted the roofing company in question, who tells us they did not touch Moss' roof.

He says they pay very close attention to street names, fear of something like this happening, but he did say, he saw several roofing companies in the area this weekend.

If you have any idea who did this call Crimeline at 741-1000.

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