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Statement From the Siera Hanson Family

The family of Siera Hanson issued this statement following the sentencing of Travis Gilpin.

Travis Gilpin's guilty plea and sentencing today was an emotionally intense experience for Julie Garner and her children, Siera and Shiloh Hanson. At the end of the hearing, the family was literally in tears. It was the family's intention to release a written statement to the press. They hope that the healing process would not be disrupted.

Immediately after the hearing, Travis Gilpin, at his attorney's instruction, came and apologized in person to Julie and her children. Although an orchestrated act, the family once again hoped that Mr. Gilpin had reached a point of true remorse.

A few short minutes later, Julie and her children were subjected to Gilpin's attorney state that Travis Gilpin had always "accepted responsibility" for his actions. Such statement has compelled us to ask for a live press conference.

The truth is that Travis Gilpin returned to Texas Tech University and the Lubbock area within the year of the original incident. In Lubbock, Travis began partying with his fellow Phi-Delts. The Phi-Delts made public announcements that they had expelled Travis Gilpin. The evidence is that the Phi-Delt membership embraced Gilpin and welcomed him back to their social get-togethers. The primary object at these get-togethers is to abuse alcohol. Not surprisingly, Travis Gilpin soon committed a second DWI.

The pleadings in Gilpin's civil case reflect Gilpin denies all responsibility for his actions. The civil case is currently pending in Austin. In the civil case, Travis Gilpin and his fellow fraternity brothers (and the insurance companies that protect them) want to transfer this case back to Lubbock. We believe that the Phi-Delts feel, that through their connections in Lubbock, they are bulletproof.

Although there has been sworn testimony about the fraternity violating our laws on a regular basis, the fraternity has not been subjected to any laws or criminal charges.   

Sam L. Fadduol
Victim's Attorney

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