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Lubbock Congressman verbally attacks Speaker of the House

By Tiffany Pelt - | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Just days before a possible final vote on the controversial health care reform bill, Lubbock's congressman Randy Neugebauer attacks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying she should be ashamed of herself.

In a heated debate over the massive health care reform bill on Tuesday, several Republicans including Neugebauer criticized the Democratic leadership for trying to speed up the passage of such a controversial bill.

 The senate already adopted their version of the health care reform bill back in December.

Normally the House would vote on their own version of the bill as well. Both the Senate and House versions would then go to a committee, leading to combine efforts to create a final bill to be voted on.

Now, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders want to skip one of those steps. "Why is Speaker Nancy Pelosi trying to prevent Congress from voting yea or nay  on the most important piece of legislation that will probably face this Congress?" asked Neugebauer during the heated debate.

Pelosi is trying to 'deem' the bill. In other words, completely skip the step where the House votes to adopt their own version of the reform. The deeming process has been used in the past, but with the bill so controversial many Republicans are furious at the attempt to hurry up the legislative process.

"Shame on you Madame Speaker that you would use the process to circumvent the very foundation of this nation which is the U.S. Constitution," says Neugebauer.

Under this process, no direct vote is needed for the passage of the bill The House would then vote on changes made only to the Senate's version. 

Some Republicans speculate the Democrats are having a hard time getting the necessary 216 votes needed to pass the bill, and that's why they've moved to pass the reform without a direct vote. "Madame Speaker, that's not the way we should do business and you should be ashamed," scolded Neugebauer.

Democrats say they are unsure as to whether they will used the deeming process to push the legislation forward.  Republicans say they'll try to block this process if they do.  

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