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New Treatment Could Prevent Strokes in Some Cases

There's new hope for some stroke patients. The most common reason for stroke is high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and hardening of the arteries of the neck. But there is another reason that explains why some people even as young as 15 fall victim to stroke for no apparent reason: a hole in the heart.

Actually, we're all born with that, but normally, that tiny hole in the wall between the right and left chamber of the heart closes up in a few days. But in a small part of the population, that hole remains open allowing for the possibility that someday, a small clot could slip through and go to the brain, causing a stroke.

That's what could have happened to Bobbie Berry. The subtle symptoms were there, but typical of many women, she ignored them for some time, not wanting to worry her husband.

"I would begin to feel like I was going to pass out. Then, my left arm and leg woud become numb. It didn't last long, but it came often," says Bobbie Berry, suffered stroke symptoms.

When Bobbie finally took her symptoms to the doctor, it was determined that she had that hole in her heart that had never closed. Coincidentally, Dr. Qahtan Malki, a Cardiologist, had just moved to Lubbock bringing with him a new procedure to close that hole in an hour.

Bobbie is the first patient in West Ttexas to benefit from the Cardiseal procedure, and she says she feels great now, no dizzy spells, no mini-strokes.

The bottom line: it is rare for people to have this hole in the heart. But since it is a reason for stroke, it is important to be like Bobbie and not take the symptoms lightly.

That's why if you experience any episode of sudden memory loss, numbness, weakness on one side, or sudden blurry vision, then you should see a doctor to make sure you are not suffering a mini-stroke, which could lead to a bigger stroke and irreversible damage.

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